For the last 18 years, Nadeem has woken up every morning, and sent his daughters off to one of the fine schools in York Region. He has taken an active interest not only in his family’s education, but in the education and advancement of all the students in the region.  Rather than sit on the sidelines, he leads the way, by actively participating, volunteering and chairing in community events, and in school councils. He has developed strong ties with students, parents, teachers, administrators and members of the School Board, and local government.  He continues to hear everyone’s concerns, and is developing coalition with one thing in the mind.  To make York Regions school the best that they can be.  For his children, and for your children.

Nadeem has dedicated his life to non-profit causes, without the need for financial compensation or care for personal expenses.  As a trustee, he will stand up for each student in Ward 1 & 2, and see that they have the opportunity to receive the best education, enjoy every minute in public school, and be best prepared for life after school.  He will actively listen to the concerns of parentsfrom all backgrounds and cultures, and promote common values and concerns to create strong partnerships and more community involvement.

We look forward to your support on April 25, 2019.

I Look Forward to Your Support