In 1999, Nadeem and his wife Sehar wisely chose the York Region as the best place to live and raise their growing family.  In the 20 years since, he has dedicated countless hours of his personal time towards the betterment of the Region, its students and its citizens.  He has been active in nonprofit management, community fundraising, projects to beautify the region, and student mentor-ship.

A proud father of four daughters, Nadeem took an active interest in School Council since his daughter Samar, now 21, was in kindergarten. He has served as a leading Member of Council at both Michael Cranny Elementary School and Teston Village Public School and as Chair of Council for many years.  He has led the way to bring much needed technology into these schools, by tireless organizing fundraising efforts, and working with the school board to match dollar for dollar the funds needed to purchase the equipment.  Under his leadership, the Councils have organized specialized Math and Reading nights, and partners with local authors to mentor students and provide readings.

Outside of his career, and when not tutoring his kids, or chairing school fundraisers, Nadeem has spent his free time as a leader for non-profit causes all over Canada.  He ran financial departments very, very responsibly, and with minimal administrative costs, if any.  He believes that “doing community work should cost you money; you shouldn’t receive anything from it”.  Nadeem dedicated 13 years, as the National Treasurer of AMJ, a charity organization committed towards international peace and unity. His team collected and managed publicly donated funds with honesty and integrity. He created budgets and raised funding for the development of mosques, parks and community centers across Canada, for national and regional conventions and meetings, and humanitarian efforts around the world.

For the last 15 years, Nadeem has served as Finance Director for the Run for Vaughan, creating budgets and action plans for this great community event.  The Run for Vaughan has mobilized the community to gather in the thousands, and raise over half a million dollars towards the Mackenzie Health Foundation

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