Nadeem came to the decision to run for School Trustee not on his own, but after talking to parents, students and teachers.  For 20 years, he has waited for certain changes, and now looks forward to the responsibility to drive these changes forward.  This is what needs to be addressed:


Almost 10,000 students attend the great schools in Wards 1 & 2. Of those, over 50% come from non-English speaking backgrounds, making our Wards some of the most diverse and multicultural in York Region. We are so proud that our region is home to so many Immigrant Canadian, but our Schools must also reflect this diversity. That’s what it means to be Canadian.

School Boards can do a better job to take this diversity into consideration when formulating curriculum, sponsoring social events, and through its hiring practices.

Immigrant parents feel disconnected from the current school systems, and should be given more opportunities to be involved and engaged.

A school should act a community hub, binding it’s citizens together.  It can be a place to meet, educate, learn, and provide an access point for community services, programs, activities and events. More programs should be created to integrate Immigrants, and those from varying economic and social backgrounds.

This involved community and its teachers can do a better job to provide strong mentorship opportunities for our students, and provide a stronger moral and social example.

Better Planning

Our schools are not being monitored effectively to meet Provincial Standards. Plans are not being created or implemented to locate deficiencies, and make improvements.

We need to:


  • create a Monitoring process for declining performing schools and create definitive action plans for low performing schools
  • Create better policies and practices to improve student attendance;
  • Improve policies and procedures so teachers spend less time on student discipline;
  • Increase parental involvement in the school and in their children’s learning;
  • Increase resources towards both education and recreation to provide a more inviting and socially uplifting learning environment;
  • Monitor students’ learning more closely, and use results to plan instructions;
  • Increase the quality and focus of professional development for teachers;
  • Increase the quality and focus of professional development for principals;
  •  Adjust the school schedule to allow more time for teacher collaboration.
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